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By Geraldine Sealey
January 22, 2004 3:53AM (UTC)
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Not one but three Salon writers deconstruct Bushs State of the Union address. Scott Rosenberg peels away the rhetoric Bush used to intimidate and distort opponents of his foreign policy by declaring only he can be trusted to fight the war on terror because his adversaries don't see the terrorists plotting. Which of the Democratic candidates see no threat to America? Well, none.

Arianna Huffington marvels at Bush's determination to leave no bride behind despite America's more pressing problems. "We have heavy unemployment, 12 million uninsured children, record-breaking $500 billion deficits, unfinished business in Afghanistan and Iraq, porous ports and vulnerable airports, and every state in the union cutting back on vital social programs -- and the president wants to spend precious resources convincing young people that marriage is better than shacking up?"


And Gary Kamiya notes that Bush, the war-time leader who once seemed invincible, is starting to show his weakness.

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