Armchair reaction to State of the Union

By Geraldine Sealey
January 22, 2004 3:15AM (UTC)
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A CBS News poll shows 60 percent of people who watched liked what they heard - but just as many said the government wouldn't be able to afford Bush's proposals. From the CBS analysis: "The President's Medicare plans, his tax cuts and his education proposals were the most frequently mentioned, though each of them was specifically cited by less than one in ten viewers. The President's proposals for defense of marriage, keeping children off drugs, and faith-based initiatives were less frequently mentioned."

The Gallup poll shows 76 percent reacted positively to Bush's speech, down from 84 percent last year and 94 percent two years ago, right after 9/11. Republicans outnumbered Democrats in the speech-watching audience by 20 percentage points. And the speech doesn't seem to have changed viewers' voting intentions for the November election.

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