Kerry brings on the scrutiny

Published January 23, 2004 8:07PM (EST)

John Kerry hates being called the front-runner -- and being mobbed like one by the media. But he's getting the attention that comes with such winning status anyway. And as ABC's Kerry embed reports in The Note, Kerry's getting pretty miffed about the whole thing. Imagine what the press would have done if this scene occurred on the Howard Dean campaign bus.

"LACONIA, NH, Jan. 22 -- 400 people filled the Elks Lodge with an overflow crowd. Kerry, who arrived nearly a half hour late for his first and only event of the day, abbreviated his stump to a 12 minute presentation, then took 44 minutes worth of audience questions. After the event, as is quickly becoming custom, a media swarm engulfed the candidate, eventually forcing Kerry to wade step-by-step into a throng of immovable reporters, cameras, and stills. Having finally broken through the crush of media, Kerry stormed onto the 'Real Deal Express,' ripped off his Timberland Barn Coat, and tossed it into the gray and red striped seat by his side. 'Don't they get it?,' Kerry bellowed to no one in particular. 'I can't have this,' he continued, referring to the media horde now watching his every move. David Wade, traveling press secretary, entered the bus and immediately faced the Senator's wrath. Thrashing his arms, Kerry asked several times, 'Where are my boots?' Once located, the previously nervous Kerry seemed a bit more serene."

By Geraldine Sealey

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