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By Geraldine Sealey
January 28, 2004 4:26AM (UTC)
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The Associated Press reveals more about who voted in New Hampshire today and what influenced their decisions.

ISSUES: Health care, Iraq and the economy were the most important issues to voters in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

INDEPENDENTS: Almost four in 10 said they were registered as independents, suggesting a high independent turnout this primary.


GENDER: Almost six in 10 voters were women.

DECISION TIMING: About half of the voters said they had decided on a candidate in the last week.

TAX CUTS: Most of these Democratic primary-goers favored rolling back at least some of President Bush's tax cuts.


PERSONAL FINANCES: Almost four in 10 said their family's financial situation is worse now than it was four years ago, while roughly the same number said it was about the same.

FEELINGS ABOUT BUSH: Half the voters said they were angry at Bush, while another third said they were dissatisfied but not angry.

WAR IN IRAQ: Sentiment was strong against the war in Iraq, with four in 10 saying they strongly disapprove of the war and another two in 10 saying they are somewhat disapproving of the war.


TERRORISM: About three-fourths of voters said they remain worried about the possibility of another major terrorist attack in the United States.

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