DLC bites back at Dean

By Geraldine Sealey
January 29, 2004 4:22AM (UTC)
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Howard Dean may be hunkering down with new advisors and plotting a strategy for the long-haul, but the centrist Democratic Leadership Council is predicting his demise. Dean annoyed the moderate, Clintonite DLC by famously claiming to represent the "Democratic wing of the Democratic party" at a DNC meeting last year. After Dean's performance in New Hampshire, the DLC is spreading word that the former Vermont governor is really from the angry, unelectable wing of the Democratic party.

From a DLC statement today: "Put simply, Gov. Dean's support seems to have shrunk to the same hard core of upscale, antiwar, white liberals who were first attracted to him when his 2003 surge began many months ago. The rest of the Democratic electorate looks upon him dimly: On primary day in New Hampshire, he had the worst favorability ratio -- 56 percent favorable, 40 percent unfavorable -- of the five major candidates. All the hype and buzz about the 'transformational' nature of the Dean candidacy has been buried by actual voting results. He failed to attract new voters and turned off moderates and McCainiac independents ...This remains an open race, and it's too early to predict the nominee. But one winner is already clear: The Democratic Party heads for November far, far stronger by voting for hope over anger."

Geraldine Sealey

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