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John Kerry has "never heard of" Botox, Britney Spears has "face like thunder," and the Smoking Gun gets face time with Katie Couric. Plus: Martha "a liar" and Jacko child-free?

By Amy Reiter
January 28, 2004 8:16PM (UTC)
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Afternoon Briefing:

Drudge is all over Kerry's face: The Drudge Report has "before" and "after" shots of John Kerry all over the site today, implying that the senator has had face work done. Also on the site: a sound clip from a radio station in Boston wherein Kerry, asked if he's had Botox treatments, says, "I've never even heard of it." (Drudge)


Silvio says si!: Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi, appearing at a reception for designers during Rome's fashion week, confirmed rumors that he's had his eyes done. (AP)

There are no small ideas: Fox's February sweeps-week reality show, "The Littlest Groom," will feature 12 female little people competing for one 4-foot-5 bachelor. Plus: a Valentine's special called "Love Hurts" -- a two-hour "Cops" featuring domestic disputes! (N.Y. Daily News)

When divas collide: Britney Spears said to have stormed out of dinner at London restaurant with Pepsi ad costars Beyoncé Knowles and Pink. Spears said to have had a "face like thunder." (U.K. Daily Star via IMDB)


The Smoking Gun meets Katie Couric: The Court TV-owned Web site, which regularly posts documents relating to crimes and misdemeanors, is partnering with NBC's "Today Show." Gun founders William Bastone and Daniel Green will appear on the morning show with fresh scoops. (Court TV)

-- Karen Croft

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Morning Briefing:

"She's a liar": The Martha Stewart trial opens, and prosecutors paint a nasty picture of a woman who traded illegally, then went to elaborate lengths to cover it up. "Martha Stewart had a multimillion-dollar business empire at stake and she knew that if it came out ... it would be bad for her reputation and bad for her business," the prosecutor said. (New York Post)


She wants them backo? Tabloid reports suggest that Debbie Rowe, mother of Michael Jackson's two eldest children -- Prince Michael, 6, and Paris Michael, 5 -- is thinking of seeking legal custody. Report says she's Jewish and is upset about Jackson's recent interest in Nation of Islam. (E! Online)

P. Diddy heads back to court: Driver says he threatened him with a gun. (BBC)

Courtney Love's court date postponed: But she looked "rested" and fashionable in a long black velvet coat at her hearing! (


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