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By Geraldine Sealey
January 30, 2004 10:01PM (UTC)
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The rundown of polls from Feb. 3 states brings good news for John Kerry, so far. We're only including surveys taken since New Hampshire, unless we mention otherwise, as in the Michigan results (Primary Feb. 7).

In South Carolina, John Edwards and John Kerry are virtually tied in the Zogby poll at 25 percent and 24 percent respectively.


In Arizona, Zogby has Kerry at 38 percent, Clark at 17, Dean at 12, and Edwards and Lieberman at 6 percent.

Missouri is overwhelmingly going for Kerry, according to two polls. Zogby has Kerry ahead with 45 percent, and Edwards is the only other candidate in double-digits with 11 percent. SurveyUSA has Kerry ahead with 41 percent, Edwards at 17, and Dean at 16 percent.

In Oklahoma, Zogby has Clark ahead with 27 percent and Kerry and Edwards fighting for second place with 19 and 17 percent, respectively. But an Oklahoman poll has a much closer race, putting Kerry at 20 percent, Clark at 18 percent, and Edwards at 13 percent.


John Kerry has 31 percent of North Dakota voters so far and Clark has 15 percent. 40 percent of N.D. voters are undecided.

Although Howard Dean is largely focusing energies and pinning hopes on Michigan on Feb. 7, he trails Kerry in the most recent poll there from Jan. 25 (before N.H.). Kerry has 37 percent in an EPIC/MRA poll, and Dean and Edwards have 14 percent.

And finally, Rasmussen Reports has John Kerry beating Bush 45 to 44 percent in a national survey of 1,500 likely voters.

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