He lost his MoJoe

By Geraldine Sealey
February 4, 2004 7:06AM (UTC)
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If you signed up for campaign email updates from the Lieberman campaign, as we did back in the early, heady days of Joe2004, you and your inbox have been treated to all manner of Joe-related puns and rhymes. There was the much-mocked "We've got Joe-mentum!" which the campaign brazenly and optimistically claimed even after Lieberman's fourth-place loss (spun as a "three way tie for third place") in New Hampshire.

There was the clickable map on the Joe2004 Web site urging Liebermaniacs to "Create Some MoJoe!" where they live. And there were the welcoming "Cup of Joe" gatherings, where Joe would sip Joe with local folk. Someone might want to tell everyone over at Bob & Edith's diner in Arlington, Va., site of a planned Cup of Joe tomorrow, that the Joe-mentum is gone for good.


Joe is getting out of the race tonight, after a disappointing finish even in Delaware, where he had the best chance to win.

Geraldine Sealey

Geraldine Sealey is senior news editor at Salon.com.

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