Sunday morning quarterbacks

Geraldine Sealey
February 7, 2004 2:47AM (UTC)

Well, everyone's a Sunday morning talk show host now that President Bush has agreed to sit with Tim Russert for a full hour this weekend. Or at least everyone wishes they were. With non-existent WMD's, pre-war intelligence probes, gaps in Bush's National Guard duty, the Valerie Plame investigation, ballooning deficits, plunging poll numbers and a death a day for U.S. soldiers in Iraq (we could go on), there's a lot to talk about. For Bush's part, he's been practicing, doing mock sessions at the White House in training for his role as interviewee.

But, really, it's up to Russert to make this interesting. And there are no excuses. Russert's been getting oodles of advice from hundreds of would-be grillers with sample questions for the Sunday morning showdown of their dreams. Salon's very own Joe Conason devised the five questions he'd like to see Russert ask. David Corn at The Nation has a list, too.


Less formally, at the blog Daily Kos, readers are sending in their own probing queries. Suggestions run from "Mr. President, fill in the blank, My bologna has a first name it's ____," to "Mr. President, back on May 1st, you declared that we had reached the end of combat operations in Iraq. You later modified your statement to say 'major combat operations.' Given that more US troops have died from enemy fire since you declared victory, how do you reconcile your May 1st statement with the mounting casualties and enemy attacks in Iraq?" Over at the Dean for America blog, 458 people commented on the "What should Tim ask Bush?" topic by 4:30 ET today.

So stay tuned. And even if you miss the show on Sunday (check your local listings!), rest assured there will be enough Monday morning quarterbacks to fill you in on this one.

Geraldine Sealey

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