CBS' about-face

Published February 19, 2004 5:53PM (EST)

CBS' argument for not airing a ad during the Super Bowl sounded legit  the network cited a policy against airing advocacy ads on controversial issues. The MoveOn ad in question, "Child's Pay," somberly and poignantly explored the impact of the Bush deficits on future generations. Last week, CBS cited this same policy in pulling a Bush Administration ad promoting the new Medicare prescription drug law, pending a General Accounting Office probe into whether the ad represents improper use of taxpayer funds for political purposes. But now, CBS says it will resume airing the Bush Medicare ad. The Center for American Progress says CBS has bowed to conservative pressure and is calling for an email barrage of complaints to the network. "The ad was produced at taxpayer expense by Bush's campaign media firm -- a firm that also does ads for the drug industry," CAP says. The details about how inaccurate and partisan the ads are can be found on the Progress Report site.

By Geraldine Sealey

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