Twins no grand old partiers

By Geraldine Sealey
February 24, 2004 1:50AM (UTC)
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We know the Bush twins like to party, but it seems they may not like their party. The Republican Party, that is. That's the gossip in the New York Daily News today, which claims that first twins Barbara and Jenna Bush aren't so smitten with the Grand Old Party. "Recently, a source asked the 21-year-old Barbara if she was a Republican. 'She made a funny face and rolled her eyes,' reports our snitch. 'She said, 'I really wouldn't label myself that.'"

Barbara and Jenna voted as Republicans in the 2000 presidential primary in Texas, the Daily News says. "But one source contends the good-time gals 'don't buy into the conservative movement. They don't agree with their father's position on environment and other issues.'"


We didn't peg the twins as Greenpeace girls.

Geraldine Sealey

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