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By Geraldine Sealey
Published February 27, 2004 11:37PM (UTC)
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John Edwards is just seven points behind John Kerry in Maryland (March 2) in a new American Research Group poll. Kerry has 42 percent, Edwards 35.

In other ARG polls for Super Tuesday:

Georgia: Edwards 37, Kerry 45, Kucinich 1, Sharpton 4, Other/undecided 13
New York: Edwards 21, Kerry 54, Kucinich 2, Sharpton 8, Other/undecided 15
Ohio: Edwards 26, Kerry 47, Kucinich 11, Sharpton 1, Other/undecided 15


A Marist poll in New York shows 64 percent for Kerry; 22 percent for Edwards; 5 percent for Sharpton; 2 percent for Kucinich; 7 percent undecided.

If the election were held today, Arizona would be a toss-up, with either of the leading Democratic candidates narrowly beating Bush,a ccording to a KAET/ASU poll. Kerry would beat Bush 46 to 44 percent. Edwards would beat Bush 43 to 42 percent. The economy seems to be hurting Bush the most in Arizona, the pollsters say: "While Arizona voters were evenly divided on how he is doing as President (48 percent approve and 47 percent disapprove), it appears that Bush's biggest problem is associated with the way he is perceived as managing the U.S. economy. While 40 percent approved of the job he is doing managing the economy, 54 percent disapproved and only 6 percent held no opinion. In November 2003, 47 percent approved, 45 percent disapproved and 8 percent had no opinion."

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