Fighting words

By Geraldine Sealey
Published March 3, 2004 5:59PM (EST)

You could make the argument that if you're not a right-winger, you should expect to be disturbed by much of the content on conservative online news site WorldNetDaily. But Dennis Prager, a WorldNetDaily columnist, isn't just a fringe-thinker writing to the conservative margins. (His recent columns include: "Why young women are exposing themselves," Parts I and II, and "On public cursing and other public sins.") Prager's also a popular syndicated radio talk-show host on the Salem Radio Network, the same outfit that just hired prominent Republican Bill Bennett. He also often appears on shows like Larry King Live, Politically Incorrect and various Fox News programs. Prager, it's clear, has an audience.

Here is what this popular conservative voice has to say to his audience in his current column on the subject of gay marriage, called "San Francisco and the Islamists: Fighting the same enemy?" Gay marriage is the second front in the war against our civilization, Prager says. The other front is "Islamic totalitarianism." "One enemy is religious extremism. The other is secular extremism. One enemy is led from abroad. The other is directed from home," he writes.

Ratcheting the culture wars up a notch, Prager says we're under siege within our borders, and the enemy is aided and abetted, in his view, by the American Left: "This civilization is now fighting for its life -- as much here as abroad. Join the fight, or it will be gone as fast as you can say 'Democrat.'"

Them are indeed fighting words, comparing supporters of same-sex marriage to Islamic terrorists. Is this the tone we can expect in the coming months from religious and social conservatives?

Geraldine Sealey

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