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By Geraldine Sealey
Published March 16, 2004 4:33PM (EST)

A new Gallup poll shows Americans favor John Kerry over George W. Bush for handling the economy. And six in 10 Americans say outsourcing will be "very important" when they are deciding their votes for president. Another quarter (27 percent) say it will be "fairly important." Six in 10 Americans currently say they are concerned that they, a friend, or a relative might lose a job because the employer is moving that job to a foreign country.

A poll of Iraqis nearly a year after the U.S.-led invasion found that a majority said their lives were better now than before the war, although Iraqis are concerned about conditions in their country, especially the lack of security. Seven in 10 say jobs are lacking and about that many said electricity was unavailable. The biggest overall concern, though, was security  64 percent said regaining security was their top worry. About half oppose the presence of coalition forces, but few want international troops to leave Iraq before the new government is in place or until security is restored.

An Annenberg Public Policy Center Poll shows that a majority of the American public considers it inappropriate for President Bush to use 9/11 images in campaign commercials. The heaviest criticism came from John Kerry supporters, the poll found, but there was also significant unhappiness about the ads among voters who have not yet firmly decided for whom to vote.

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