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By Salon Staff
Published March 17, 2004 5:52PM (EST)

Dear Salon reader,

With some 74,000 of you as Salon Premium members, we must be doing something right. But we're always looking to do more. Just last week we opened our new Washington bureau, which is already breaking the kind of unembedded, unintimidated articles so lacking elsewhere in the media. Today we're upping the ante by announcing the addition of two great new Salon Premium benefits.

When you join Salon Premium today at the $35 level, we'll include a free 6-month subscription to the New York Review of Books, the magazine the New York Times calls "the country's most successful intellectual journal." But that's not all. We'll also include a free annual subscription to Granta, the celebrated magazine of new writing. You'd pay $72 to subscribe to both, but they're included for free as part of your Salon Premium membership.

For 40 years the New York Review of Books has been the place the world's leading authors, educators, artists and political leaders turn to when they wish to engage in spirited debate on books, literature, art and ideas. Granta magazine features some of the most exciting new fiction, reportage, memoir and photojournalism. "Granta is a wonderful thing," says Time Out magazine. "This British magazine has been hip for a quarter of a century." Join Salon Premium today and select free subscriptions to either or both of these renowned magazines.

If you're already a Salon Premium member at the $35 level, simply click on the following link and select one or both of the new magazines.

NOTE: This offer is not available to current subscribers of the New York Review of Books or Granta magazine. This offer is available only to Salon Premium members with shipping addresses in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Europe. Your first issue will arrive in approximately 8-12 weeks.

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