By Geraldine Sealey
Published March 19, 2004 10:45PM (EST)

For all of those folks out there who associate "scandals" with the Clinton administration, the blog Carpetbagger Report has a good rundown of GOP scandals from the last three years -- ones that bear greater consequences than, say, fooling around with an intern.

From Carpetbagger: "With yesterday's news that the White House supports an investigation into the higher-than-advertised cost of Bush's Medicare plan, I started realizing that there have been an amazing number of investigations of Republicans since Bush took office, some of which directly involve the White House. So much for restoring 'honor and dignity' to the Oval Office. In fact, we've seen more substantive scandals involving the GOP in the last three years than we ever did with Dems in the 90s. I'm not talking about scandals that ought to be investigated; I mean Republicans and their scandals that have actually been the subject of formal investigation." Go there to read about a dozen or so scandals.

Upper-Left is also keeping a list. And the Washington Post has this list of alleged ethics abuses by House Republicans alone.

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