A letter from Errol Morris

Published July 1, 2004 9:21PM (EDT)

Errol Morris, who directed the Academy-Award winning documentary Fog of War, is making ads for MoveOn, scheduled to run during the Democratic convention. But he hasn't shot them yet. He's looking for Americans to star in the ads, and talk about their hope for the country's future. Sounds like Harry and Louise, but of course, better. Here's a note from Morris, and a chance to be in one of his ads:

"I have been struck by the eloquence of ordinary citizens. And I have thought in the context of the 2004 campaign, rather than have pollsters talk to the American people, why not have the American people talk to the American people -- in their own words? Who better to express the current concern with the direction in which America is going? Who better to express the dreams and aspirations of Americans? Who better to express their hopes for change?"

"Many of us have very strong feelings and beliefs about what has happened in the last four years in our country. But there is also a growing concern with what could happen in the next four years. Is this country heading in the right direction? What is our vision of America? Is it being realized?"

"MoveOn has pioneered a new kind politics with populist roots. It has allowed Americans to speak directly to other Americans. This is a very simple idea. A different kind of political advertising. Not a prepared speech. Not a voice-over narrative, but rather Americans speaking one on one. Americans speaking to other Americans in their own words, expressing their beliefs and their hopes for the future."

"Americans explaining why this election is not just another election, but an election that will define how America is perceived around the world and just as important, what America is for all of us. You can help us by filling out this survey. None of this can be done -- as in all of what MoveOn has achieved -- without you."

Errol Morris

By Geraldine Sealey

Geraldine Sealey is senior news editor at Salon.com.

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