Bloggers groan, celebrate and critique even the poster font

Published July 6, 2004 3:19PM (EDT)

Just off the heels of the official Democratic veep announcement, left-wing reactions to the Edwards pick are ranging from incredulous to the ecstatic. Deaniacs on Blog for America didn't disguise their disappointment that their Howard didn't get the nod. "Vb" had this to say about the Edwards selection: "Howard is still first. No champagne mimosas here -- mylanta it is." "Jo," another Dean devotee, also skewered Edwards: "I'm sick about it. Once again the Kerry campaign is made to order for the ill-informed, for pomp and no circumstance, for the pundits and not the people, for the camera and not my kids. Edwards, smerdards (sic), yes to Iraq, yes to Patriot Act. No to experience, no to any real heart, as far as I can see. Today is another very sad for me. Not this time, but soon I know I will be forced to leave the Democrats altogether. I'm sick about this choice."

Other impromptu pundits in cyberspace didn't have a problem with Edwards' substance or style, just the Kerry-Edwards campaign's new logo. "Trapper John" at the Daily Kos blog exclaims, "Get redesign -- stat. The new Kerry-Edwards logo is not doing it for me.It's U.S. Constitution Party grade stuff. Weak font, clip art flag design -- a major downgrade from the old Kerry logo." "Modest Mouse" added, "they could at least put up a decent Kerry/Edwards header at -- it looks so tacky! new site design 2004! YES!"

But in the world of liberal Internet-powered commentary, John Kerry's new running mate is still getting good marks, regardless of the campaign's choice of logo. "Veganna" on Daily Kos writes, "I am so happy! I want to shout!!" And "mimi" says: "As a trial lawyer who fights against corporate interests in protection for the little guy, maybe he can do what Nader only talks about. I hope he can convince people not to vote for Nader, because he would be fighting for the same goals Nader fights for, just better, smarter and fairer."

By Stephen W. Stromberg

Stephen W. Stromberg is a former editorial fellow at Salon.

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