Edwards: Nader's choice

Published July 6, 2004 3:38PM (EDT)

Terry McAuliffe and the Democratic establishment weren't the only ones rooting for Edwards in this year's veepstakes. Here's a refresher on Ralph Nader's advice to John Kerry last month from the Associated Press on June 24:

"In an open letterthe independent presidential candidate urged Kerry to choose John Edwards as his running mate, saying the North Carolina senator and former trial lawyer has been thoroughly vetted and is committed to protecting the right of consumers to sue corporations that harm them.

"'(Edwards) has already gone through a primary campaign and has his rhythm and oratory (the two Americas speech) all well-honed,' Nader wrote to Kerry. 'After a slow start, Sen. Edwards closed fast and has won praise from the media.'

"Edwards, the last Democrat to bow out after Kerry's series of primary wins, won several large verdicts before he was elected to the Senate. Nader said Edwards is committed to preserving a civil justice system that is under attack by 'corporate supremacists.'

"And while Kerry may decide to take the advice, Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese said there is no quid pro quo.

"'It doesn't mean Nader is going to drop out,' Zeese said."

By Stephen W. Stromberg

Stephen W. Stromberg is a former editorial fellow at Salon.

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