Up in smoke at the DNC?

Published July 27, 2004 7:33PM (EDT)

If the sound check going on right now at the Fleet Center is any hint, the Democrats are about to take a little convention stumble. Peter, Paul and Mary are on the bill tonight, and the folk trio is at this moment running through "Puff the Magic Dragon" on the convention stage.

Fox had a field day back in January, when somebody unearthed a video of John Kerry at an Iowa house party. Peter Yarrow (the "Peter" of P,P&Y) was there, singing "Puff the Magic Dragon." Kerry sang along and put his fingers to his lips in the universal sign for smoking a joint. Fox aired the footage and clucked-clucked about the fact that no one seemed outraged by a dope-smoking joke.

If Peter, Paul and Mary do "Puff" tonight -- they also ran through "If I Had a Hammer" -- you can bet that Fox will be ready with the split screen. It's all about values, you know.

By Salon Staff

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