One town, two candidates, three bank robberies

By Geraldine Sealey
Published August 4, 2004 7:53PM (EDT)


POSTED: 5:32 am CDT August 4, 2004

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Nearly every police officer in Davenport will be on the job Wednesday morning when President George W. Bush and his Democratic challenger, John Kerry, visit the town just a quarter of a mile apart in dueling campaign appearances.

POSTED: 1:01 pm CDT August 4, 2004

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A television station is reporting three bank robberies happened about the same time President George W. Bush and Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry were speaking at separate venues in Davenport Wednesday morning. ... Davenport police say they could not comment and were helping to direct the political leaders' motorcades.

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