The comic genius of Jerome Corsi

By Tim Grieve

Published August 11, 2004 8:36PM (EDT)

Jerome Corsi's insightful description of Islam is today's quote of the day, but in truth it's really impossible to choose just one Corsi-ism to highlight. The co-author of the anti-Kerry book "Unfit for Command" is a regular poster -- and, to hear him tell it, a regular comedian -- over at under the handle jrcl.

Corsi has apologized if anyone is offended by his posts, and he has told the AP that he considered them "jokes." For a full load of Corsi's brand of humor you can check out the Media Matters report here and the collected works of jrcl here. But for a more abbreviated introduction to the man who is helping drive political debate in this country today, we offer a few highlights from Corsi's freerepublic posts.

Hillary Clinton: Corsi routinely refers to the junior senator from New York as "HELLary" and the "FAT HOG," as in, "Anybody ask why HELLary couldn't keep BJ Bill satisfied? Not lesbo or anything, is she?"

Islam: In March 2003, when a car bomb in Lebanon killed an Egyptian named Abu Mohammad al-Masri, Corsi gloated: "One more Mohammed al-Mohammed el-Mohammed Mohammed iced -- great. Ice all these boy buggering, woman hating, infidel killing terrorists."

Iraq: Thinking up a pretext for war even the Bush administration didn't try, Corsi suggested in January 2002 that the United States capture Osama bin Laden and move him to Iraq so that "we have an excuse to bring them the Holey Month of BOMB-adon. Iraq with Saddam sounds as good a place to park him as anywhere. Let's Roll!"

Sept. 11: When the infamous Aug. 6, 2001 PDB was released in April -- the one headlined "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." -- Corsi declared the story "DOA" and said that "the RATS" -- Corsi's shorthand for Democrats -- on the 9/11 commission should consider themselves "disgraced" for pursuing it.

The United Nations: Corsi calls the UN a "Communist, anti-American terror-ridden propaganda pulpit." But then, Corsi calls lots of things "communist." Hardball's Chris Matthews is "Communist Chris." Jimmy Carter is a "Total Communist." John Lennon is a "dead Communist guy." Katie Couric is "Little Katie Communist," and NBC is short for "Nothing But Communism."

John Kerry: He's a communist, too. When Corsi isn't calling the Democratic presidential nominee "Jean Francoise Kerrie" or "John Fonda Kerry," he refers to him as "John Commie Kerry." In April, Corsi predicted that Kerry's first act as president would be to "end" the war against terrorism. "Surrender America has been his constant theme. Raised in France, he has always thought as a hater of America. He is a disgrace."

In what appears to be his most recent post, Corsi finally appears to have gotten something right. On Saturday, he wrote: "The politically incorrect humor I posted on this site is evidently not funny to everyone."

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