Dems: Let Ralph speak!

By Geraldine Sealey
Published August 26, 2004 3:18PM (EDT)

You'd think that with all of the funding and signature-gathering help Ralph Nader's been getting from Republicans for his independent run for president that he'd be welcomed with open arms at next week's GOP convention in New York City.

So far we haven't seen his name on any speakers lists for the RNC. Democrats at the anti-Nader group The Nader Factor say this oversight is just unfair -- and they've started circulating a petition demanding that Ed Gillespie let Ralph speak.

"Well, we need Your Help. TheNaderFactor is launching its own little signature-gathering effort. We call it  'Let Nader Speak to his Right Wing Supporters' (we know its not that catchy)."

"Our petition is simple. If Republicans and Nader plan to work together, if Republicans plan to gather signatures to help Nader, then we think its only fair that we concerned Democrats help Nader gather signatures to get speaking time for Nader at next weeks the Republican Convention. Any speaking time will do, of course."

"As a start, we plan to gather signatures outside the RNC headquarters in Washington DC on Thursday, August 26th, 2004 starting at 1pm Eastern time. We figure who are more interested in helping Nader than other Republicans."

" ... We know the odds are small that Republicans will do this  but isnt time to give Nader and Republicans want they want. Who knows, with enough support we could even see a new Republican ticket -- Bush/Nader 04?"

Geraldine Sealey

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