Smearing Soros

Published September 1, 2004 4:26PM (EDT)

George Soros is sparing no expense for the effort to boot Bush from office in November, backing groups like, Center for American Progress and America Coming Together. That has earned him a place on the GOP enemies list, right up there with Michael Moore. By the rules of the dirty tricks playbook, he's due a smear or two. Dennis Hastert has obliged, suggesting that Soros is in cahoots with drug cartels. The Hill newspaper reports that Soros is fighting back. He sent this fax to Speaker of the House Hastert: "Your recent comments implying that I am receiving funds from drug cartels are not only untrue, but also deeply offensive. You do a discredit to yourself and to the dignity of your office by engaging in these dishonest smear tactics. You should be ashamed."

This is the latest in a line of Soros smears. The Hill continues:

"Conservatives have sought to discredit Soros by attacking his foreign and Jewish roots and his support of liberal causes ... 'No other single person represents the symbol and the substance of globalism more than this Hungarian-born descendant of Shylock. He is the embodiment of the Merchant from Venice,' wrote GOPAC, an organization that helps elect GOP candidates, on its website last year."

"In William Shakespeare's 'Merchant of Venice,' Shylock was the Jewish banker whose venality would not stop him from cutting human flesh to repay loans."

"Shylock"? Now that's subtle.

[Note: The Hill article says the Shylock piece was on the GOPAC web site, but it was GOPUSA.]

By Geraldine Sealey

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