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Jenna and Barbara dissed at Kid Rock concert; Andre 3000 is not for Bush, but Darrell Hammond is; and Joe Piscopo is serious about that N.J. governor run. Plus: Rush has a new ladyfriend ... and Ivana pulls a Donald.

Published September 3, 2004 9:29AM (EDT)

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Remember the Funk Brothers? No? Then you should check out "Standing in the Shadows of Motown," (8 p.m. ET, the Movie Channel), the amazing 2002 documentary about the band you've heard a million times -- on countless Motown songs -- but have possibly never heard of before. Also on Friday night: the season premiere of "Jeremiah" (8 p.m. ET, Showtime).

Morning Briefing:
For those about to Rock, we ignore you: First twins Jenna and Barbara Bush took in a Kid Rock concert Wednesday night at the New York club Avalon (housed in an old Episcopalian church and formerly the notorious club Limelight), but alas couldn't manage to get much support from their fellow Rock-loving young Republicans. "The twins earnestly tried to lead the hundreds of beer-drenched, rowdy Republicans in a chant of 'Four more years! Four more years!'" reports Lloyd Grove in the New York Daily News. "But it was not to be. The teeming masses below, clamoring for a Kid Rock encore, drowned out the Bush daughters' feeble yells, and Jenna and Barbara were soon forced to abandon their quixotic quest." So sad. Perhaps in defiance of the crowd's defiance (and certainly in violation of New York's bar smoking ban), Jenna "lit up and shared cigarettes with friends as she danced," according to the Washington Post. (Lloyd Grove's Lowdown, The Reliable Source)

HBO, not GOP: And speaking of dissing the Bush twins ... Andre 3000 would like the world to know that, despite that shout out to OutKast from Jenna and Barbara from the Republican National Convention podium the other night, and regardless of his attendance at the convention, he is not supporting George W. Bush's reelection. He's working on a documentary about youth and voting. "I just want to clear it up that I was not supporting a certain party. I was here for the convention to finish up my documentary and show both sides," the hip-hop star told MTV News on Wednesday, responding to the alarm his appearance at the convention touched off among his fan base, some of whom were calling for a boycott of his music. "I spent time in Boston [at the DNC] and I'm spending time here [in New York for the RNC] ... I just want to let people know that this is a nonpartisan documentary I'm doing." Alas, the New York Police Department was apparently unaware of Andre 3000's noble purpose: Two members of his crew were arrested while they were filming protests at ground zero. (MTV, Reliable Source)

Not nonpartisan and ready to party: Darrell Hammond, of "Saturday Night Live" fame, apparently outed himself as a Bush-Cheney supporter at a party in honor of John McCain on Wednesday night. But Joe Piscopo, also at the bash and saluting McCain with a version of Frank Sinatra's "My Way" called "The McCain Way," insists that if he does end up running for governor of New Jersey, which he's been hinting at ever more strongly, it will be as an independent. "All I'll say is that we're putting together an exploratory committee and we'll probably do a pro-New Jersey rally later this month," Piscopo said, "after I finish my Vegas shows." (Rush and Molloy)

Apprentices of a different sort: If reality TV is good enough for The Donald, it's good enough for Ivana. Ivana Trump, the first ex-Mrs. Donald Trump, is teaming up with Fox TV (who else?) to bring the world a two-hour reality TV special titled ... "Ivana Man." In it, the 55-year-old Czech-born former model will help a successful 40-something woman choose a younger man to love ... or at least to toy with. The spin from Fox: "For years, rich older men have traded in their wives for pretty young women with bigger 'attributes,' [but now] mature women are finding that true love can happen with younger men." (Reuters)

Also: Rush Limbaugh may be newly divorced, but he's not lonely. He's confirmed that he's dating news anchor Daryn Kagan, who hosts "CNN Live Today." (Reliable Source)

Money Quote:
Sean "Puffy/P.Diddy" Combs on who he'd pick as a running mate were he running for president: "It would have to be a lady -- I think, you know, a young lady. It would have to be a balance. For balance we need to have a woman vice president." (Lloyd Grove's Lowdown)

-- Amy Reiter

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