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Published September 13, 2004 1:30PM (EDT)

Washington Post: Outgoing U.S. Marine Corps general in charge of western Iraq leaves with parting shot at U.S. military and civilian leaders, saying Fallujah strategy aided insurgency.

The Telegraph: Arab TV reporter killed by U.S. helicopter fire during live report from Baghdad.

Newsweek: "It's worse than you think," reads the headline. "Sixteen months after the war's supposed end, Iraq's insurgency is spreading."

U.S. News: Worse than you think, Part II. Based on an analysis of documents about Bush's Guard duty that are not in dispute for authenticity, U.S. News finds White House used lax standards to judge whether Bush met his obligation -- and he failed to meet even this lower bar.

New York Times: Forget voting machines, early voting with absentee ballots fertile ground for fraud.

Guardian: Seymour Hersh book says Bush team knew of prisoner abuse in fall 2002 -- and chose to ignore it.

By Geraldine Sealey

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