Matt Lauer's memory in the rough?

Published September 14, 2004 3:07PM (EDT)

The jousting on NBC's "Today" continued for the second day this morning between anchor Matt Lauer and author Kitty Kelley. Booked for three days to promote her controversial new hardcover, "The Family: the Real Story of the Bush Dynasty," Kelley has come under constant attack from Lauer, who appears more interested in her reporting methods than in any of the revelations in her book. Last week the White House urged NBC to cancel its Kelley interview and Lauer told Kelley he's been in touch with senior White House officials about the book.

This morning, Lauer pressed Kelley on why she didn't include any positive information about the Bush family. The author began her response by noting how gregarious former President Bush is on the golf course and that Lauer should know because he's played golf with him. Lauer quickly interrupted to insist he's never played golf with former President Bush. But according to a June 6, 2004, golf industry report in the Florida Sun-Times Union, "Former President George Bush has TourTurf [artificial] greens at his vacation home in Kennebunkport, Me., and was seen on national television putting on them with Matt Lauer of The Today Show."

Tune in tomorrow for Day 3 of Kelley vs. Lauer to see if the NBC host clarifies his comments about golfing with former President Bush.

By Eric Boehlert

Eric Boehlert, a former senior writer for Salon, is the author of "Lapdogs: How the Press Rolled Over for Bush."

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