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By Geraldine Sealey
September 15, 2004 8:11PM (UTC)
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If you saw George W. Bush performing National Guard duties in Alabama between May 1972 and May 1973 -- and you can prove it! -- $50,000 can be yours, courtesy of Texans for Truth. The terms of the offer:

"To be eligible, the information must not have been previously disclosed to the media (including television, radio, cable, Internet, and print publications) and must be comprised of the following (Eligible Information):


"1. Firsthand, eyewitness testimony this type of information includes sworn firsthand accounts that George W. Bush performed Air National Guard duty, or lack thereof, between May 1972 and July 1973. It also includes firsthand knowledge of statements made by Mr. Bush concerning his Air National Guard activities during that time; and

"2.Documentary evidence copies of genuine and authentic documents describing George W. Bushs performance of Air National Guard duty, including the required drills or lack thereof, between May 1972 and July 1973."

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