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Published September 22, 2004 1:34PM (EDT)

Washington Post: Amid "unrelenting violence," Iraqi officials say they'll release female prisoner "Dr. Germ" -- but claim they're not giving in to demands of kidnappers of Western hostages. U.S. officials, who apparently have physical custody of Dr. Germ, say they're unaware of plans to release her.

New York Times: The Gray Lady's editorial writers are not impressed with Bush's speech before the U.N., calling it "an inexplicably defiant campaign speech in which he glossed over the current dire situation in Iraq for an audience acutely aware of the true state of affairs." Lead balloon, indeed.

New York Times: W stands for "Why do more registered women voters say they'll vote for Bush when women's wages are falling and their rights are threatened under this administration?" Answer: They apparently trust Bush more than Kerry to protect America.

Reuters: Ralph Nader says FEC should investigate DNC's role in keeping him off ballots. Says "gutless, spineless, clueless and hapless" Dems will lose the election for "Anyone but Bush" strategy.

Independent: Cat Stevens, threat to national security?

AP: Three people and eight corporations indicted in alleged scheme to make illegal campaign contributions through political action committee formed by Tom DeLay.

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