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By Geraldine Sealey
Published October 4, 2004 1:10PM (EDT)

New York Times: Deadlines are fast approaching or have already passed in most states -- and the data show new voters are registering in droves. " ... How many of the newly registered will vote is a matter of some debate. But it is clear the pace is particularly high in urban areas of swing states, where independent Democratic groups and community organizations have been running a huge voter registration campaign for just over a year."

IHT: New polls show John Kerry was widely viewed as the winner of the first presidential debate, and Bush's aides and surrogates set out on the Sunday shows to attack Kerry and attempt to slow his momentum.

Washington Post: Conventional wisdom was that Tuesday's Cheney-Edwards debate would be merely an entertaining sideshow, but it takes on a new significance with pressure on Cheney to boost his ticket after Bush's less than stellar debate performance.

AFP: "Already scrambling to make up ground lost after last week's debate, US President George W. Bush's campaign was forced further on the defensive by a report that the White House knew before invading Iraq that key intelligence on the country's alleged nuclear weapons program was questionable."

AP: With the presidential race virtually tied less than a month before the election, Ralph Nader announces he will continue campaigning in key battleground states.

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