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Published October 11, 2004 2:56PM (EDT)

Los Angeles Times: U.S. military strategy in Iraq influenced by November election. Major assaults on insurgent-held towns will be postponed; administration fears high U.S. casualties could hurt Bush's reelection chances.

Boston Globe: New information suggests "shock and awe" may have played right into Saddam's strategy.

Editor & Publisher: Kerry gets six major newspaper endorsements over the weekend, now leads Bush 10-5. The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial backing Kerry says its endorsement is "urgent, deeply felt." and says Bush's was a presidency that started with "high promise that lapsed into multiple disasters."

Boston Globe: Nader factor still all too real in 2004 -- Ralph is "struggling to match his 2000 performance but has secured a slot in enough important states to potentially affect the outcome if there is a close contest on Nov. 2." Yaser Hamdi, once held as an "enemy combatant" by the U.S., returned to Saudi Arabia today after his release yesterday from a South Carolina brig. He was never criminally charged.

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