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By Geraldine Sealey
Published October 15, 2004 1:56PM (EDT)

USA Today: Election fraud allegations happening early and often this year. With just more than two weeks before Nov. 2, the major parties are already accusing each other of fraud and intimidation in key states.

AP: The federal government is completely unprepared to handle voter fraud allegations according to the General Accountability Office.

Wall Street Journal: Battleground whittled down to about 10 states. "Florida and Ohio are the most closely fought states. But President Bush appears to be less optimistic about capturing Michigan and New Hampshire, while Sen. John Kerry is scaling back in Missouri, West Virginia and Arizona."

New York Times: Ralph Nader is "emerging as just the threat that Democrats feared, with a potential to tip the balance in up to nine states where President Bush and Senator John Kerry are running neck and neck."

ABC News: Remember the "lone, wounded, fleeing young Vietcong in a loin cloth" anti-Kerry Swift Boat Veterans say Kerry killed in Vietnam? Neither do the Vietnamese who witnessed the fierce battle.

New York Times: One day, Bush says Kerry lacks "fiscal sanity." The next, his administration says we've hit the debt ceiling and we'll have to borrow from the civil service retirement system until after the election when Congress can raise debt ceiling again. In Bush's term, the federal debt has increased by 40 percent.

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