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By Geraldine Sealey
Published October 20, 2004 8:15PM (UTC)
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War Room readers really went above and beyond the call of duty in responding to our caption contest for the above photo of Bush senior advisor Karl Rove crouching down in front of the landing gear of Air Force One. The picture was snapped on Monday in New Jersey, and the Associated Press said Rove was engaging in "antics" on the tarmac -- some sort of inside joke with the president. We asked you to write your own captions and printed some winning offerings on Tuesday afternoon.


Due to a continued flow of your entertaining ideas, we thought we'd roll out some more. Most of you probably won't get hired to write AP captions anytime soon, but you sure made this little game fun.

Here's the latest batch, mostly newsy one-liners and what we'd like to think are light-hearted jabs at the man known as "Bush's Brain":

"Karl Rove practices for Nov. 3."
"I don't see any Krispy Kremes under here." (Eds. note: Fat jokes? Mean.)
"Ow! I think I sprained my cloven hoof!"
"I'm soulless and I can't get up!"
"Karl Rove, unable to find a rock to crawl under."
"Democracy Speedbump."
"I'm an evil speedbump, short and stout..."
"Tank man."
"Karl Rove inspects Air Force One for any sign of Cat Stevens."
"Where the Rubber Meets the Rove."
"Kerry gets this plane over my dead body!"
"Karl Rove lies down under Air Force One, once again stopping democracy in its tracks."
"Bring it on!"
"Oh, Plame investigation, I thought you said plane."

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