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Published October 21, 2004 1:21PM (EDT)

Knight-Ridder: Based on new poll, President Bush leads in all of the battleground states he carried in 2000, but faces a tightening contest to win Ohio and New Hampshire. Knight-Ridder does some electoral calculating for us: If Bush holds all the battleground states he won in 2000, he will win re-election. If he loses red states with 10 electoral votes or more, he has to win away blue states.

Bloomberg: President Bush spends last 12 days of the race focusing on six states Gore won in 2000, Kerry spends the time defending Gore's states plus gunning for Ohio and Florida.

Reuters: Dick Cheney gets a flu shot.

Editor & Publisher: Bush gets Boston Herald endorsement, Kerry gets Honolulu Advertiser plug. In newspaper endorsement tally, Kerry leads 55-42, and is ahead of Bush in total circulation of endorsers by 9-5 margin.

Columbus Dispatch via Daily Kos: Federal judge rips Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell (a.k.a. Ohio's Katherine Harris) for failing to comply with order over provisional ballots and for risking the disenfranchisement of large numbers of Ohioans and "apparently seeking to accomplish the same result in Ohio in 2004 that occurred in Florida in 2000."

Rolling Stone via PoliticalWire: In an interview with Jann Wenner, John Kerry says he'll get rid of the color-coded terror alert system if elected because "Americans, sadly, laugh at it. They don't know what to do."

Christian Science Monitor: Brits desperate for Bush's defeat adopt undecided Ohio voters as pen pals and urge them to support Kerry.

Los Angeles Times: In an op-ed piece, British spy novelist John Le Carre guesses that "probably no American president in history has been so universally hated abroad as Bush" and says the only possible good reason there could be for re-electing him is "to force him to live with the consequences of his appalling actions and answer for his own lies, rather than wish the job on a Democrat who would then get blamed for his predecessor's follies."

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