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By Geraldine Sealey
Published October 25, 2004 1:25PM (EDT)

New York Times: Nearly 380 tons of powerful explosives that were supposed to be safeguarded by U.S. military went missing in Iraq sometime after the 2003 invasion. IAEA had warned U.S. about the need to keep explosives secured, but no one has any clue where they are. Condi Rice just told about the missing explosives within the past month, White House said.

Wall Street Journal: Former Bush administration officials and military officers "increasingly wonder" whether the administration made a mistake months before the start of the Iraq war by stopping the military from targeting Abu Musab al-Zarqawi because, in part, doing so would undermine support for toppling Saddam Hussein.

Boston Globe: As the last full week of campaigning begins, Kerry is ahead in key battleground states, the national numbers are tied or show Bush slightly ahead, and both sides are scrambling to close the deal. On Sunday, Kerry hit Bush for telling Sean Hannity it's "up in the air" whether America can ever be safe from a terrorist attack.

Editor & Publisher: Newspaper endorsement update; Kerry wins over 35 newspapers that backed Bush in 2000, while Bush only gets two Gore papers.

New York Times: Al Gore tours black churches for John Kerry, who's trying to shore up support from black voters as polls show Bush doing better than expected with this group.

New York Times: Clinton's back.

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