Seven-days-and-counting Tuesday must-reads

Published October 26, 2004 1:25PM (EDT)

Los Angeles Times: With one week to go before Election Day, voters still maddeningly and evenly divided between Bush and Kerry, who are tied with or without Nader as a factor; and the race is divided along lines of cultural values rather than class. To make things even more interesting, the Times says, with the race this tight, it could be tipped "by almost anything -- a misstatement on the campaign trail, favorable or unfavorable news for either side or the two parties' competing efforts to turn out the vote."

Washington Post: More bad Iraq-related news for Bush, more fodder for Kerry. The Bush administration plans to seek about $70 billion in emergency funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which would make total war costs $225 billion since the invasion of Iraq. "The new numbers underscore that the war is going to be far more costly and intense, and last longer, than the administration first suggested."

USA Today: "Concerned that they won't get enough new troops from allies to help provide security for Iraqi elections in January, Pentagon officials are considering increasing the current U.S. force by delaying the departures of some U.S. troops now in Iraq and accelerating the deployment of others scheduled to go there next year." But wait, they forgot Poland! Actually, if you missed it, Poland will start pulling its troops out of Iraq as of January 2005, and in the words of the Polish Prime Minister, won't stay "an hour longer than needed."

New York Times: Another scientist compelled to speak out against Bush. This time, it's a top NASA climate expert who twice briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on global warming who says a "senior administration official" told him last year not to discuss dangerous consequences of rising temperatures.

Reuters: America learns 380 tons of explosives are missing in insurgent-swarmed Iraq, and where was Condi? On a swing through Florida promoting her boss' foreign policy, naturally.

Reuters: Army Corps of Engineers' whistleblower Bunny Greenhouse demands investigation into contracts given to Halliburton, citing "repeated interference" on behalf of Kellogg Brown and Root for work in Iraq and the Balkans.

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