Broken bones and exhausted exuberance

By Tim Grieve
November 2, 2004 1:58AM (UTC)
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John Kerry seemed exhausted as his campaign moved into Florida Sunday night, and he looked serious and a little drawn as he walked to the stage in Milwaukee this afternoon. But the last few days have been long, and everyone traveling with the campaign is exhausted. Two reporters have dropped laptops on the ground this week. This morning, CNN's Candy Crowley broke her finger on the tarmac in Florida. All things considered, Kerry seems to be holding up fairly well.

"It's hard to look exuberant and upbeat when you're asleep," Mike McCurry said this afternoon.


On stage today, Kerry is doing exuberant pretty well. In Milwaukee, he was sharp, focused and even a little sentimental as he called on Americans to vote their hopes and dreams for their country.

Sunday night, as the campaign flew into Florida, someone asked Kerry what his costume was. "Future president," he said. But then -- in what may have been a sign of caution or may just have been Kerry being Kerry -- he added: "I don't know."

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