Montana has a Democratic governor! Yippee! But seriously ...

By Geraldine Sealey
November 4, 2004 1:23AM (UTC)
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Today is a dark day for Democrats and the entire American left, and there will be much introspection and debate in the months ahead. But Howard Dean, the man who gave liberal opposition to Bush's radical, destructive policies both voice and hope early in this campaign, wants to talk the left off the ledge. He sent this message of hope and optimism to Democracy for America supporters earlier today, although we're not sure "Montana now has a Democratic governor" is going to make anyone feel better:

"Montana, one of the reddest states, has a new Democratic governor. First-time candidates for state legislatures from Hawaii to Connecticut beat incumbent Republicans. And a record number of us voted to change course -- more Americans voted against George Bush than any sitting president in history.


Today is not an ending.

Regardless of the outcome yesterday, we have begun to revive our democracy. While we did not get the result we wanted in the presidential race, we laid the groundwork for a new generation of Democratic leaders. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, 'Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter' ...

We will not be silent. Thank you for everything you did for our cause in this election. But we are not stopping here."

Geraldine Sealey

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