Kerry's improvised concession

By Tim Grieve
Published November 4, 2004 12:02AM (UTC)
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They weren't ready for this.

The Kerry campaign had big plans for Wednesday morning, but a concession speech wasn't one of them. As reporters crowded around the doors of Boston's Fanieul Hall this afternoon, work crews were still racing to build a temporary platform for the TV cameras. Ten minutes after Kerry was scheduled to begin speaking, a sound man was still testing the microphone.


With no crowd control outside, members of Kerry's family were forced to push their way through hundreds of people standing outside.

Most of the crowd outside won't be getting in, and the Kerry staffers and supporters who are inside would rather be anywhere else.

Upstairs in the hall, the press corps has devolved into the usual gallows humor. It looks awfully quiet down on the floor below.

Tim Grieve

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