Starr's second thoughts

Published December 3, 2004 4:01PM (EST)

From the "you're telling me" department:

"Kenneth Starr says he never should have led the investigation that resulted in the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton."

But Starr isn't exactly repenting here. He's not rethinking the merit of the Clinton sex probe so much as who was doing the probing; Starr wishes a separate prosecutor took on the Lewinsky thread of the investigation because he regrets "there was a sense on the part of the country that my (Lewinsky) effort was an effort somehow to expand the (Whitewater) investigation." Wherever did the country get this idea? Perhaps because the Whitewater aspect of Starr's multi-million dollar multi-year investigation yielded zilch in the way of wrongdoing on Clinton's part.

By Geraldine Sealey

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