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By Geraldine Sealey
January 25, 2005 5:57PM (UTC)
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Remember when Lawrence Lindsey suggested the Iraq war would cost $100 billion to $200 billion, and he was practically run out of town? The Bush administration plans to ask for $80 billion more to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. (This includes, as Atrios points out, $1.5 billion for a U.S. embassy in Baghdad. If anyone's looking for an area fertile for cost-cutting, we'd suggest starting here.)

On the war tally so far, the AP says: "Not including the latest package, lawmakers have so far provided the Defense Department with $203 billion for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and against terrorists, according to the Congressional Research Service. That includes $121 billion for the war in Iraq, $53 billion for Afghanistan and $29 billion for improved security and anti-terror efforts in the United States and abroad."


And apparently, the Congressional Budget Office is supposed to release new projections today of what the ongoing wars will cost us in the coming years -- last time the CBO did this, the 10-year costs of the wars, if they're fought at current levels, were set at $1.4 trillion.

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