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The highlights of Elvis Costello's copious liner notes. Plus: Low's tour canceled for reasons of mental health.

Published May 10, 2005 5:25PM (EDT)

A nifty promotional gimmick: The band OK Go is streaming two songs from their upcoming record here and asking fans to vote on which one should be the single.

Costello redux: Noel Murray at the Onion A.V. Club has waded through all of Elvis Costello's lengthy liner notes for the Rhino reissues of his records (the last of the 16, "King of America," was released on April 26) and offers three choice quotes from each in this article.

Sad news from Low: Low have canceled their upcoming tour due to singer Alan Sparhawk's mental health. In a lengthy post on the band's message board, Sparhawk apologizes to his fans and semi-coherently explains the situation: "for those of you who cling to details and think information is power; i have been speculated/diagnosed with everything from post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, bipolar whatever, suicidal depression/anxiety ('heres some pills, call me if you are still alive next week -- oh, wait, sorry, your small business insurance plan doesn't cover all this...'), to paranoia, laziness, OCD, and good old-fashioned two-faced asshole-ness." This is sad news, but not entirely unexpected if you witnessed his bizarre onstage behavior on the last Low tour and during recent solo performances. Here's hoping for the speedy recovery of an amazing musician.

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