Daily Download: "In a Funny Way," Mercury Rev

A Phil Spector rehash from Mercury Rev.

Published June 2, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

"The Secret Migration," Mercury Rev's new record, puts me to sleep. It is, as we have come to expect from this band, gorgeous and lush and sweeping and polished, and it is also deeply, soporifically boring, soaring from one mushy melody to another with all the verve and animation of a nice down comforter. This being the adored Mercury Rev, I'm sure many will disagree with my assessment, so I'm posting these links in the spirit of a public service announcement, or in case any of you are running low on valium this week. In addition to "In a Funny Way," a sweet Phil Spector rehash and one of the record's best tracks, "Diamonds" and "Across Yer Ocean" are available for free download from this page on Better Propaganda.

By Salon Staff

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