Summer Soundtrack

A bluegrass-oriented playlist from the Summer Soundtrack Contest.

Published June 15, 2005 4:28AM (EDT)

Our first featured playlist for the Summer Soundtrack Contest is the rather cryptically titled "Wheelchair Tanlines" from Jonas Beals, who will be receiving a three-month subscription to eMusic. It starts with a string of folk and bluegrass tunes (including particularly nice tracks from A.J. Roach and gonzo bluegrass man Danny Barnes) before branching out in all manner of directions, with tracks from Noe Venable (chick with guitar music, but with some nice electronics layered on top), the Gaskets ("pop-techno-comedy duo") and RANA, an NYC rawk band that I thought was atrocious in concert last year but sounds pretty decent on this track. I certainly don't like all this music (Daybreak bills itself as "Celtic newgrass," a particularly distasteful genre mutt), but extra points for venturing outside the bounds of the indie rock and indie pop that dominates the free download world.

1. "Grandaddy," A.J. Roach
2. "Day at the Ocean," Special Ed & the Shortbus Bluegrass Band
3. "Kind Of In Love," the Avett Brothers
4. "Popcorn and Wine," Danny Barnes
5. "Boots," Noe Venable
6. "Fall on My Knees," the Old Crow Medicine Show
7. "Daydreaming," the Rising Sons
8. "Good Book," RANA
9. "I Can Feel You Coming," MOOSSA
10. "The Easy Life," the Gaskets
11. "Meat Carpet," Chuch
12. "Fly by Night," Daybreak

By Salon Staff

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