Daily Download: "The Prosecution Rests," Slow Dazzle

A spinoff band from the Mendoza Line.

Published June 21, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

Slow Dazzle is Timothy Bracy and Shannon McArdle, two of the three songwriters who make up the Mendoza Line, and their music is much like the wonky folk-rock of the parent band, but with added electronics and bits of home-studio experimentation. Bracy, my favorite of the Mendoza Line's songwriters, is an expert Bob Dylan imitator, a skilled writer of two- or three-note melodies, an eloquent poet of the rundown and wrecked, and a soul mate to the out-of-tune piano that runs through "The Prosecution Rests." Also available for download is "Fleur de Lie," which features McArdle's just-folksy, girl-in-a-bar-band vocals and some nice backward guitar playing.

By Salon Staff

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