No, really, where was Cheney?

Another report suggests that the vice president's office has been less than forthcoming about the medical care he received last week in Vail.

By Tim Grieve

Published June 28, 2005 5:20PM (EDT)

We'll admit to having been a little skeptical about Arianna Huffington's claim that Dick Cheney received a secret EKG while in Vail, Colo., on Friday, but now there appears to be a bit more skin on the bones of the story. In today's New York Daily News, Lloyd Grove says he's got a source on the Cheney story -- and that his source backs up Huffington's version of events.

Grove says his "well-connected" source tells him that Cheney had an EKG in Vail after medical personnel there noticed that his breathing was labored. "That's pretty common at this high altitude," the source, who lives in Vail, told Grove. "We're at 8,500 feet, and the air is pretty thin, which is hard if you're not used to it." The source said -- as Huffington previously reported -- that Cheney checked into the hospital as "Dr. Hoffman" -- the name of his doctor back in Washington -- and that he stayed for two hours and 41 minutes.

Grove says that Cheney's spokeswoman, Lea Anne McBride, "specifically denied" that the vice president had undergone an EKG. "The vice president had an appointment with a renowned orthopedist in Vail to evaluate an old football injury," she said. Grove's response: "Why do I feel like someone is pulling my leg?"

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