Cooper to testify; Miller to jail

The Time reporter says his source has given him the OK to talk to the federal prosecutor investigating the Valerie Plame case.

Published July 6, 2005 7:24PM (EDT)

The Valerie Plame saga keeps getting just a little more interesting. With the threat of jail time looming over him, Time reporter Matthew Cooper gave his kid a hug last night and told him that it might be a long time before he saw him again. But when Cooper walked into the federal courthouse in Washington this afternoon, he had an entirely different message to deliver to Judge Thomas Hogan. "I am prepared to testify," Cooper said. "I will comply."

What changed his mind? According to the Associated Press, Cooper says he received "in somewhat dramatic fashion" a direct personal communication from the source he'd been protecting. The word: It's OK to talk.

So Cooper is off the hook, but there's no such luck for the New York Times' Judith Miller. Hogan sentenced her to jail, and federal marshals escorted her out of the courtroom and into custody.

What about Karl Rove? We're waiting, and he's not talking.

By Tim Grieve

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