Summer Soundtrack: Summer of Hugs

A hedonistic playlist of free downloadable songs

Published July 18, 2005 2:41PM (EDT)

Here's another Summer Soundtrack playlist, Michael Hotter's "Summer of Hugs." He notes that "these songs are very of the moment, but that's what summer songs are all about: hooky immediacy. The ideal setting is a campfire on the beach, with people imbibing in various stages of undress." In that context, the decision to end the mix with the unrestrained music of Albert Ayler becomes an act of pure hedonism.

1. "Set You Free," the Black Keys
2. "It's All Around You," Tortoise
3. "Don't Touch My Bikini," the Halo Benders
4. "Twin Cinema," the New Pornographers
5. "The World May Never Know," Dr. Dog
6. "Dream Awake," the Frames
7. "Plastic Sun," Sonic Youth
8. "Summer Wine," Evan Dando & Sabrina Brooke
9. "Rise," Innaway
10. "Over and Over Again (Lost & Found)," Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
11. "Holy Family," Albert Ayler

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