War Room gets a face-lift

A new look and added features. Tell us what you think.

By Tim Grieve
August 2, 2005 7:05PM (UTC)
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The astute War Room reader -- and that's the only kind we have -- will notice that things are looking a little different in here today. It's War Room's turn to go under the redesign knife at Salon, and what you're seeing today is the "soft launch" of our efforts.

The content you'll find in the new War Room is exactly what you've come to expect: news and commentary on all things political, from Karl Rove to Roe v. Wade and just about everything in between. So what is different? The look, obviously -- the eagle up top has wings now, and everything below them is different and, we think, better than before.


There's more clean and less clutter, and there are some big improvements in what the technical folks call "functionality." Many of you have asked for the ability to print out the entire front page of War Room; you can do that now by clicking on the "print this page" button at the top right. Others of you have asked for the ability to print or e-mail specific items; you can do that now, too, by clicking on the appropriate buttons below each post.

Down on the left side, below the list of current posts and above the blogroll, you'll find a calendar that allows easier access to the War Room archives. In the coming weeks, we'll have the ability to post photos with items -- the days of describing rather than showing that bulge on Bush's back will soon be behind us forever. And in the not so distant future, we'll have the technology in place to allow reader comments at the end of every post. You've never been shy about sharing your views with us; soon, we'll have a way for you to share them with one another.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you about our efforts at making War Room better, faster, stronger than it was before. Please drop us a note at warroomdesign@salon.com to let us know what you think of the redesign and how you think War Room can be all that it can be.

Tim Grieve

Tim Grieve is a senior writer and the author of Salon's War Room blog.

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