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The Canterbury Tales in rap, indie covers of hit pop songs, and an excuse to visit Suicide Girls.

By Salon Staff
August 4, 2005 10:15PM (UTC)
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If I had spent more time poring over this comprehensive rap version of the Canterbury Tales and less time memorizing the Middle English translation, I would have been a much cooler high school student.

The ubiquitous and multitalented producer/rapper Madlib, interviewed by a Brazilian television network (watch here in Windows Media format), discusses his favorite Brazilian artists and his massive record collection, while clips of his recent performances are cut in.


Matt, over at, has listed a bunch of MP3s of indie heavyweights covering pop hits both recent and classic. Now you can sing along to Avril Lavigne without feeling that much shame.

All music critics yearn for the moment when they, acknowledged by the petulant and unforgiving Internet, receive their own instant message and blog icons. Thank you, Chuck Klosterman, for being the first and living the dream. (via Catchdubs)

Insound offers its list of the best new records of 2005 that have yet to be released. Wait. Does that even make sense?


Suicide Girls has posted an interview with punk legend Richard Hell about his new novel, "Godlike." The interview offers both insight into Hell's motivations as a writer and, more important, support for my claim that I only go to Suicide Girls for the articles.

-- Joe Charap

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